ILLUSION of Permanence

As the darkness of night descends,
The memories of you throw shadows on my mind.
Then . . . the sudden stabbing pain in my heart.
The shadows dissolve into the dark emptiness of loss.

Where did your vibrant life force go?
I seek it in the stillness of the night.
Death shatters our illusion of permanence.

My suffering trying to accept your nonexistence,
Strengthens the bond of a lifetime of memories.
Where do I direct the love I have for you?
It is tapping on my soul trying to let the light in.


One Journey Ends …

Welcome. The intention of this blog is to offer compassionate support for people who have been present for loved ones during assisted suicide.

If you would like to anonymously share the story of your journey after assisted death of your loved one, please email:

With your permission, your story will be posted to the blog in order to support members of our community. Allowing your story to be compassionately witnessed may begin the process of healing from loss, and sharing your unending love for those never forgotten.